Information Technology Services

ServiceNow system replaces LANDesk

ServiceNow system replaces LANDesk

The university has a new Service Management system, ServiceNow, which replaces LANDesk. Staff and students will be able to easily log their own IT jobs and keep an eye on their progress.

Staff and students are encouraged to log jobs by contacting the Service Desk or logging their own jobs through the ServiceNow portal. Logging jobs centrally has many benefits:

  • Keeps all info in one place (i.e. out of the emails of individuals and into a central system).
  • Aids in prioritising jobs.
  • Allows workloads to be managed or transferred when staff are on leave
  • Enables managers to identify areas of backlogs or overwork.
  • Empowers users by providing reference numbers for their requests which they can use for tracking.
  • Keeps users informed via email updates.
  • Allows users to escalate tickets via the Service Desk rather than calling a technician directly.
  • Frees staff time as the Service Desk can update users on progress rather than staff calling a technician directly.
  • Categorisation of tickets can help to identify underlying problems requiring attention.
  • Multiple logged incidents with one cause can help justify expenditure on resolving underlying problems.
  • Data in tickets can be mined to identify problematic locations or hardware.
  • Allows for a historical record to be established, can help indicate increasing workloads, need for more staff, etc.
  • Resolutions are documented and can be used as a reference for the future.
  • Allows reporting to be done on a weekly/monthly/yearly basis which helps provide the justification for funding.
  • Service Desk staff are aware earlier of issues affecting large numbers of users and any workarounds available.

Any enquiries about jobs that were in LANDesk can be directed to the Service Desk.