Records Management Unit

Additional recordkeeping workshops in August

Although there was a heartening level of interest in the recent recordkeeping workshops, an unfortunate timetabling clash with a Financial Services update session meant that many staff were unable to attend, especially in Hobart. We have therefore scheduled an additional double-session in Hobart on Thursday the 2nd of August for those who missed out.

The additional workshops will be held in seminar room 1 of the Life Sciences building (SB.BA22.L01.105), with the Introduction to Recordkeeping workshop commencing at 10:00 am followed by the Records Disposal Procedures workshop at 11:00 am. Both workshops are approximately an hour long. If you are interested in learning more about recordkeeping and how to dispose of your business area's records, please register to attend by emailing our Disposal and Training Officer or by filling out the online registration form.

We have currently only scheduled additional workshops in Hobart, as there was little apparent demand for an additional session in Launceston or Burnie, but if you are in Launceston or Burnie and would be interested in attending an additional session, please contact the Disposal and Training Officer and we will look into scheduling additional workshops if there are sufficient numbers.

If you did miss out and can't make it to one of the additional sessions, don't worry, as the Records Management Unit will be running another round of workshops in November.

Published on: 24 Jul 2012