Records Management Unit

Appointment of Disposal & Training Officer

The RMU has appointed George Phillips as Disposal & Training Officer for a 12 month period.

George Phillips was born in London, but moved to Perth (WA) when he was three and lived there until a couple of days ago. And no, he doesn't know why he still has an English accent either. After he finished school, he tried to pursue a childhood dream of becoming a pilot, but eventually found that now he was an adult, it wasn't actually what he wanted to do any more.

Instead, he went back to uni and finished his Bachelor of Arts at the University of Western Australia, before going on to do a Masters in Information Management at Curtin University and working as a library officer at UWA. He was later drawn to Hobart by the promise of colder weather and steeper scenery. His interests include politics, history and science fiction. He's also hoping to try his hand at sailing again, though hopefully something a little bigger than the Mudlarks he remembers from his childhood.

George will  be responsible for the provision of specialist advice and the development and provision of education and training in relation to the disposal requirements of University records & information in accordance with legal, legislative and business requirements.

George will provide support and direction to all areas of the University in the ability to meet the provision of timely disposal of records including issues relating to records retention and destruction of locally kept records.

Published on: 22 Jul 2010