Records Management Unit

Be careful what you fling

If your area is planning on holding a 'Friday File Fling' as part of National Recycling Week, please be careful what you throw out and familiarise yourself with the University's recordkeeping requirements beforehand.

The Records Management Unit fully supports the aims of the 'Friday File Fling' in encouraging the University to recycle waste paper, but we would recommend that any 'flinging' is limited to papers that would normally be eligible for destruction under DA 2158 - Short Term Value Records, such as scrap paper, extra copies of publications, old stationery, duplicates, junk mail and so on. The disposal of official records such as documents that have been attached to official files should only be done in a planned and accountable way and in accordance with authorised disposal schedules. For more information on University disposal procedures please refer to the Records Management Guidelines and Information Sheets 3 & 4.

We would further like to suggest that implementing digital recordkeeping systems and gradually moving away from paper based recordkeeping is another excellent way we can minimise our impact on the environment by reducing the demand for paper in the first place. For details on digital recordkeeping, see: State Recordkeeping Advice 21 – Digitisation of Records, Information Sheet 7 – Destroying Scanned Records & Information Sheet 11 – Shared Network Drives.

For more information, please contact our Disposal & Training Officer by email at or phone on 6226 1894.

Published on: 06 Oct 2011