Records Management Unit

Changes to Disposal Authorisation 2157

The State Archivist has made a number of amendments to Disposal Authorisation No. 2157 - Common Administrative Records (DA 2157). All staff are advised to replace any existing copies of DA 2157 with the updated version.

The following disposal classes have been altered:

  • 01.07.03 - Records documenting the management of contracts.
  • 05.06.02 - Records documenting authorisations to conduct financial transactions on behalf of clients.
  • 13.12.02 - Records documenting inspections undertaken to determine the presence of hazardous materials in buildings, including asbestos.
  • 13.18.01 - Records documenting major repairs and maintenance projects. Now includes electric, plumbing and fire inspections.
  • 13.18.02 - Records documenting minor repairs and routine maintenance.

The following new disposal classes have been added:

  • 09.33.01 - 09.33.07 - Right to Information requests.
  • 12.22.03 - Temporary Employment Registers and supporting documentation.
  • 13.24.06 - Copies of records forward to the Department of Health and Human Services reporting the discovery of syringes or needles.
  • 13.28.01 - Notifications received from local councils relating to agency properties.

Please ensure that you use the updated version of the document when disposing of any records and contact the Disposal and Training Officer if you have any questions.

Published on: 14 Jul 2011