Records Management Unit

Disposal Schedules tutorial released

The Records Management Unit has just released a new online tutorial explaining how to use the disposal schedules to determine how long to retain records.

Recordkeeping Tutorial 2: Disposal Schedules is the second of three online tutorials the Records Management Unit is creating to help UTAS staff learn about recordkeeping at the University of Tasmania. The tutorials are intended to deliver the same content as the recordkeeping workshops in an online format for staff who are unable to make it to a workshop or prefer to learn at their own pace.

Recordkeeping Tutorial 2 covers the first half of the disposal process: appraising records to determine how long they must be kept to comply with legal requirements. It explains the purpose of disposal schedules and how to use them via step-by-step instructions and worked examples utilising video captures to show you exactly how the process works.

Tutorial 1: Introduction to Recordkeeping is already available and provides an introduction to key recordkeeping concepts and staff responsibilities under the Archives Act and the UTAS Records Management Policy and Guidelines. Tutorial 3 will cover destroying records via Registers of Records Destroyed and is scheduled for release in mid 2012.

If you experience any technical difficulties or detect any problems with any of the tutorials, please submit a report via the general feedback form.

Published on: 18 Apr 2012