Records Management Unit

ICARP Update

The Information Classification & Retention Project (ICARP) stakeholder consultations have commenced. Representatives nominated by Deans, Heads of Schools/Sections and Institutes have been invited to contribute their business knowledge to assist in developing the University’s Business Classification Scheme (BCS) and Functional Disposal Schedule (FDS).

Workshops are set up to include representatives from individual or ‘like’ business areas. The workshops purpose is to review the current BCS and provide information about the records created in undertaking each areas business and discuss the value of these records for inclusion in the RDS.
Some of the things required as part of the process is to :

  • Identify the functions and activities that apply to the business activities undertaken in each area.
  • Review the definition of functions, activities and subjects  and ensure that they are comprehensive, clearly understood and mutually exclusive from the related functions, activities and subjects.
  • What legislative, standards, business requirements impact on how long records are required to be kept.

The initial consultation process should take up until August. This consultation process is vital to ensure that we end up with useful recordkeeping tools that are relevant to our specific business requirements.

Published on: 25 Jun 2010