Records Management Unit

Information Awareness Month

The Records and Information Management community in Hobart is holding a breakfast seminar on Thursday, the 12th of May as part of Information Awareness Month. Speakers will address various issues such as standards and programs that aim to address the issue of information overload in a digital recordkeeping environment.

Information Awareness Month (IAM) is a collaborative event between various bodies within the records, archives, library and information management community. The theme for 2011 is “Information Overload: Finding the tree in the digital forest”.

This year, the Hobart seminar has two great speakers in Judith Ellis, a leading Australian recordkeeping expert, and Ross Latham, newly appointed Manager of the Tasmanian Archive & Heritage Office and State Archivist. This seminar is being held in conjunction with the Australian Society of Archivists, Tas Branch.

Ross Latham will discuss initiatives of the Tasmanian Archive and Heritage Office and the Tasmanian Government in addressing issues of managing overload of digital information.

Judith Ellis will give an overview of the landscape of standards development in Australasia and overseas and how they are supporting agencies avoiding information overload and loss of information. Judith will also give an update of a week-long meeting on standards in Sydney and implications for the Australian recordkeeping community

For more information, see the Information Awareness Month website.

Published on: 13 Apr 2011