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Is it Safe to Open?

Limited places are still available for the 'Is it safe to open?' mail handling course being conducted in Hobart on Wednesday, 25th May 2011.

The "Is it safe to open?" course is a comprehensive half-day course that focuses on all aspects of mailroom safety and security in line with the Standards Australia Mailroom Security Handbook (HB328:2009) and Commonwealth Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF): Mail-borne threats in incoming mail, mailroom design, safe work practices, scanning techniques, the use of personal protective equipment (PPE), the types of threats, and what to expect during an incident etc. Many organisations have had their staff participate in the course and the evaluation feedback from attendees has been extremely high.

The Commonwealth Government has now implemented mandatory security requirements which include protection against mail borne threats. For Commonwealth Agencies and service providers this is your opportunity to address the new Protective Security Framework Policy (PHYSEC 2). You can address your requirements by attending this course.

The "Is it safe to open?" course is a three hour course where we hire the venue that your staff attend. A comprehensive workbook, a number of exercises, and light refreshments are provided as part of the course. The cost per participant is $330.00 including GST.

The hosted course increases the opportunity to network; and students are exposed to the experience of the other organizations; they will learn firsthand, how each organisation responds to incidents; what they did right, and what they have changed since; and other potential issues affecting other organisations, which may be of benefit to your awareness.

We are available to hold an internal course for your organisation for as little as six staff which is more cost effective if you have sufficient numbers.

Address the requirements of Standards Australia Mailroom Security Handbook and PSPF by ensuring that your staff are adequately trained. This threat will not go away and you have a duty of care to protect your staff and your organisation.

Course details are as follows:
Hobart, Wednesday 25th May 2011: Mercure Hotel Hobart, Suite 156 Bathurst Street, Hobart, 1.00pm to 4.00pm.

Further information can be found at

To secure your position complete the registration form which can be found at the above mentioned web address and fax to 02 6281 6111. Positions will be limited. For further information please contact Richard Hopping at

Published on: 16 May 2011