Records Management Unit

Managing Recordkeeping Risks associated with Cloud Computing

The use of placing records & information in the ‘Cloud’ is becoming an increasingly popular option across the University to address access and storage requirements for digital records and information. Careful consideration needs to be undertaken into what types of records and information is pushed out to these services and the associated risks identified.

The Tasmanian Heritage and Archives Office and the University will be developing guidelines and advice in relation to recordkeeping best practice.
A document produced by State Records NSW for the Australian Digital Recordkeeping Initiative (ADRI) and recently endorsed by the Council of Australasian Archives & Records Authorities (CAARA)provides advice and a check list that is extremely relevant and well worth reading for those that are exploring this option.
This document is called “ Advice on managing the recordkeeping risks associated with cloud computing” and is available from the following link.

Published on: 17 Oct 2010