Records Management Unit

New functional disposal schedule released

The Records Management Unit is very proud to announce that the long-awaited new functional disposal schedule to replace DS 32 has been approved and released. DA 2398 is a far more comprehensive schedule covering records specific to the University of Tasmania and its release should allow the vast majority of currently unscheduled records to be processed via the standard disposal process.

Under the Archives Act 1983, it is against the law to dispose of University records without the authorisation of the State Archivist. DA 2398 is a functional disposal schedule listing classes of records specific to the University that the State Archivist has authorised for disposal after an associated retention period. It was developed as part of the Record Management Unit's Information Classification and Retention Project (ICARP), which involved extensive consultation with business areas across the entire University over the course of 2010 and 2011. As such, it is hoped that the new schedule will plug the gaps in the previous schedules and thereby largely eliminate the problem of unscheduled records.

DA 2398 is designed to be used in concert with the generic disposal schedules such as DA 2157 and DA 2158, and replaces DS 32, which has been rescinded by the State Archivist and may no longer be used. For instructions on how to use DA 2398 and the other disposal schedules, see RMU Information Sheet 4. We also hold regular workshops for staff who wish to learn how to manage and dispose of records appropriately: the next round of workshops will be held in July, 2012.

Published on: 14 May 2012