Records Management Unit

New Information Sheets released

The Records Management Unit has created three new Information Sheets to assist staff with their recordkeeping. They are available for download from the Information Sheets & Brochures page on the Records Management Unit website.

Information Sheet 9 deals with ephemeral or short-term-value records and is intended to assist staff to determine which records can be disposed of as short-term-value records under the authority of Disposal Authorisation 2158. As these records can be destroyed as soon as reference ceases, it is well worth familiarising oneself with the subject. The Information Sheet also answers some common questions regarding drafts and duplicates.

Information Sheet 10 provides guidelines and specifications for scanning records to a standard acceptable for recordkeeping purposes. It should be read in conjunction with Information Sheet 7 - Scanning and Destroying Source Records. It covers topics such as acceptable file formats, compression settings, resolution and quality assurance.

Information Sheet 11 goes into some detail about how to use shared/network drives as an interim storage solution for electronic records in the absence of a true recordkeeping system such as TRIM, explaining the shortcomings of shared drives and what measures can be taken to improve their recordkeeping characteristics

Published on: 27 Jun 2011