Records Management Unit

New recordkeeping advices released by TAHO

The Tasmanian Archive & Heritage Office has released two new recordkeeping advices that UTAS staff may find useful, dealing with disaster planning and managing email records.

The Tasmanian Archive & Heritage Office (TAHO) maintains a number of compulsory Guidelines and optional (but recommended) Advices on recordkeeping in government agencies and statutory authorities (e.g. UTAS). The complete collection are available for download from the RMU Policies and Guidelines page or the TAHO website.

State Records Advice 26 - Disaster Preparedness and Recovery provides guidance on preparing for and recovering from disasters, including how to draw up a Disaster Preparedness Plan for protecting and recovering records in the event of a variety of disasters, and how to assess and prioritise risks and vital records.

State Records Advice 27 - Managing Email provides guidance on how to identify which emails are corporate records and how to capture and manage them appropriately.

Published on: 23 Oct 2012