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New TAHO Digitisation Toolkit published

The Tasmanian Archive & Heritage Office (TAHO) has published a new Digitisation Toolkit incorporating updated and expanded guidelines and advice about digitising records. Any University business areas contemplating digitising their paper records should familiarise themselves with the toolkit before proceeding.

The Tasmanian Archive & Heritage Office's Digitisation Toolkit is designed to assist in delivering successful digitisation projects, including ensuring that quality reproductions of Permanent Records are created. It was developed to support agencies who are looking at scanning legacy records and disposing of the originals under Disposal Authorisation No. 2159: Source Records (DA 2159). The updated material provides more detail on scanning specifications, metadata requirements and quality assurance requirements, and how these requirements differ depending on whether the records are temporary records or permanent records. It also provides advice on how to draw up a digitisation plan and discusses the differences between business process digitisation and back-scanning of legacy records.

The Toolkit is made up of the following documents:

The Records Management Unit is currently revising its existing information sheets to reflect the updated advice in the toolkit, but in the meantime, please don't hesitate to contact our Training & Disposal Officer if you have any questions about digitising records.

Published on: 17 Jul 2015