Records Management Unit

November 2012 workshops

The Records Management Unit is running a round of free workshops in November for UTAS staff members interested in learning more about how to manage and dispose of their records appropriately.

Are you confused about your recordkeeping responsibilities? Not sure which documents you need to keep and which you can get rid of? Want to know how long you need to keep records? Can’t figure out what to do with all those old boxes of records? Then come along to one of our recordkeeping workshops: they are open to all UTAS staff members and free of charge.

Introduction to Recordkeeping

Hobart: 10:00 am Wednesday, the 14th of November. Room 322, level 3, Social Sciences building.
Launceston: 11:00 am Thursday, the 15th of November. Room 113 (Tamar Room), Sir Raymond Ferrall Centre.

This workshop is intended to give staff an understanding of the basics of recordkeeping and what they are required to do as employees of the University. As all staff are responsible for the records they create or receive in the course of their work, this workshop would be useful for all UTAS employees, but it is especially applicable to knowledge workers who frequently create documents.

This one hour workshop covers:

  • Understanding your responsibilities under the Archives Act
  • What is a record and what isn’t?
  • What needs to be kept and what doesn’t need to be kept?
  • Where should you keep records?
  • Where can you go for help?

Records Disposal Procedures

Hobart: 11:00 am Wednesday, the 14th of July. Room 322, level 3, Social Sciences building.
Launceston: 11:00 am Thursday, the 15th of July. Room 113 (Tamar Room), Sir Raymond Ferrall Centre.

This workshop focuses on the practical steps involved in appraising and disposing of University records, whether through destruction or transfer to the State Archives. It is primarily intended for administrative staff who are tasked with the responsibility of clearing out storage areas and boxes of inactive records, but would be useful for any staff member who would like to know how to determine how long they need to keep records and how to dispose of those that are no longer needed.

This one hour workshop covers:

  • How long do you need to keep records?
  • How do you use disposal schedules?
  • How can you get rid of records you no longer need?
  • What can you do with records that don’t fit into a disposal class?

Prior completion of the “Introduction to Recordkeeping” workshop is strongly recommended, but not required.

More information

If you are interested in signing up for a workshop, please register via the online registration form. If you would like more information or have any questions about the workshops, please contact our Training and Disposal Officer at or on 6226 1894.

Although there are no workshops currently scheduled in Burnie for this round of workshops, if you are based in Burnie and would like to receive training, please contact the Training and Disposal Officer and, depending on the level of interest, we can either schedule an additional workshop or arrange for one-on-one training.

Published on: 05 Oct 2012