Records Management Unit

Release of new State Recordkeeping Advice - Digitisation of Records

The State Archivist has released a new Recordkeeping Advice dealing with the digitisation of records. University business areas interested in digitising their records should familiarise themselves with the document and the ISO Technical Report it endorses.

The Advice discusses "ISO TR 13028:2010 - Implementation guidelines for digitisation of records", which establishes best practice guidelines for the digitisation of records, and the Archives New Zealand Digitisation Standard, which sets out minimum requirements and specifications.

Recordkeeping Advice 21 - Digitisation of Records is available from the Tasmanian Archive & Heritage Office (TAHO) website. Business areas interested in digitising their records should also read RMU Information Sheet 7 - Scanning and Destroying Source Records.

Published on: 26 May 2011