Records Management Unit

University recordkeeping initiative

The Records Management Unit has commenced the Information Classification & Retention Project which will deliver two recordkeeping tools that will enable all areas of the University to proactively manage their records & information.

 The first tool will be a Business Classification Scheme which will provide language controls and terminology that aids consistent placement and retrieval of information. The other tool is the Functional Disposal Schedule, which determines how long records and information are to be retained. These tools will cover all University records and information including teaching, research and student information & records.

Tina Howard, from Tina Howard RM Consulting has joined the team and will be running workshops with stakeholders’ mid-year. Stakeholder participation is vital to the development of these tools. This project, because of the vast amounts of records and information the University creates and receives, will take up to two years to complete.

Progress will be reported throughout the project

Published on: 01 Mar 2010