Information Technology Services

Staff Email access issues


Exchange email servers intermittently inaccessible

Start Date

11th Apr 2017 10:30am

End Date

11th Apr 2017 12:15pm




Unplanned Outage


All Campuses

We are experiencing widespread Staff email access issues. This is being investigated as a high priority by our Email System Administrators.

UPDATE 11:10am Tuesday 11-April-2017: Our Email System Administrators have made some progress on restoring services. They have begun investigating the root cause of the outage.

UPDATE 11:25am Tuesday 11-April-2017: Access to the many email databases are slowly being restored with some users able to access inboxes again.

UPDATE 11:45am Tuesday 11-April-2017: Email System Administrators report that they currently expect that all staff email access will be restored shortly after midday today

UPDATE 12:10pm Tuesday 11-April-2017: Email System Administrators report that access to all email databases have now been restored. Staff may need to restart Outlook.