Information Technology Services

Student Management and Finance systems inaccessible


Systems using Oracle databases on our Exadata infrastructure experiencing problems

Start Date

11th Apr 2017 9:15am

End Date

11th Apr 2017 12:15pm




Unplanned Outage


All Campuses

Several systems are currently inaccessible due to backend issues being experienced by our Oracle databases stored on Exadata infrastructure.

These Systems are:

  • Student Management
  • eStudent
  • Finance One

This is being investigated as a high priority by our ITS Database Administrators.

UPDATE 10:15am Tuesday 11-Apr-2017: The removal of one node from the Exadata cluster appeared to have restored services. The problematic node has since been rebooted and has been rejoined to the cluster. Testing is ongoing to ensure Student management and Finance systems are back online.

UPDATE 10:25am Tuesday 11-Apr-2017: Users are still reporting slowness and errors, ITS Database Administrators continue to investigate.

UPDATE 11:45am Tuesday 11-Apr-2017: The Student Management team report that access has been restored. Finance report some ongoing issues with speed for some users and access for others.

UPDATE 12:45am Tuesday 11-Apr-2017: All System owners have confirmed their services are now fully accessible again.