Information Technology Services

Planned Outage to Student Management, eStudent and eApplication for Oracle Upgrade


Oracle Database Upgrade

Start Date

7th Feb 2017 7:00pm

End Date

7th Feb 2017 9:00pm


Planned Outage

On Tuesday 7th February between 7pm and 9pm there will be an outage to Student Management to enable an upgrade to the underlying Oracle database.

Due to their tight integration with Student Management, eApplication and eStudent will be redirected to maintenance pages, and admissions-related integration disabled.

Who does this affect?

Users of Student Management or its database, students accessing eStudent, and applicants accessing eApplication.

inSite users may experience issues retrieving Faculty Records for some students.

Integration to downstream systems will be re-enabled after the upgrade is complete. There is the possibility therefore of some systems dependent on Student Management data being slightly out of date for up to 24 hours.

What services are affected?
  • Student Management (unavailable)
  • eStudent (unavailable)
  • eApplication (unavailable)
  • Graduate Verification Service (unavailable)
  • Downstream systems (possible delay in updates from Student Management)
  • inSite (Faculty Record creation via Student Management unavailable)
What is being done?
  • The database that supports Student Management is undergoing a major upgrade. This upgrade is required in order to ensure a high-level of support from the vendor. It is also expected to provide performance and manageability improvements.