Information Technology Services

Newnham Building B Power Outage


Newnham Building B network offline due to power outage

Start Date

30th Jan 2017 3:30pm

End Date

4th Feb 2017 10:00am




Unplanned Outage



IT Services have been alerted to an electrical switchboard failure that has taken Building B at Newnham offline. We have been advised that works will be carried out to resolve this between 7AM and 9AM Tuesday 31/1/17.

UPDATE 4:20PM, Monday 30-Jan 2017 - Local ITS staff have implemented a workaround which should restore power, however the underlying issue is still not resolved.

UPDATE 9:00am, Tuesday 31-Jan-2017 - Electrical contractors have completed part of the power restoration tasks. Further wrk will be undertaken out-of-hours over the next few days. Work undertaken so far allows staff in Building B to remain on the network. Contact electrical need to replace the electrical switchboard in HR which will take a couple of days. They have had to isolate one phase so there is still some power available for the time being, until they install the new board which will then require them to isolate all power during the change over.

UPDATE 10:00am Tuesday 31-Jan-2017 - Some staff in Building B are experiencing network outage while their colleagues have network access. This is being investigated as a priority. Some of the admissions team  have been relocated to another building for this week.

UPDATE 11:00am Tuesday 31-Jan-2017 - The ETA for full network restoration is dependent upon full power restoration which is a couple of days away. Work-arounds are available for most staff via either the eduroam wifi network, or on desktops, alterations to network configuration on desktops (Static IP's).

UPDATE 4:00pm Tuesday 31-Jan-2017 - Electrical contractors plan to replace the electrical switchboard in Building B on Saturday 4-Feb-2017. This work will then resolve the electrical issues and also the downstream network issues in Building B.