Web Services

MS Word Files

Document Accessibility

Make sure that your WORD files are accessible to people with disabilities.

  • Consider other formats, such as HTML

Document Speed

  • Purge the toys:
    -  Unclick "allow fast saves" in the Tools/Options/Save menu
    -  Track Changes – accept changes and turn off
    -  Comments – delete if possible
    -  And then 'Save As'
  •  Other formats:
    -  Convert to PDF then RTF (but formatting will be lost)
    -  Converting straight to RTF will create larger files

Write Searchable Documents

To optimise your files for search engines:

  • Fill out the document 'Properties' – displayed in search results
  • Use Structural elements properly eg.:
    -  Slide titles
  • Split large documents into sections:
    -  Get more content indexed
    -  Documents will load faster
  • Provide alt text for images:
    -  Adds more 'indexable' text to your page
    -  If done well is good for accessibility for people with disabilities