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Multimedia Accessibility

Please follow our accessibility guidelines for creating multimedia products. This will ensure accessibility for everyone, including people with sensory impairments.

Multimedia Speed

When creating multimedia (image, sound and video files), it is important to keep file size small, as multimedia file sizes are usually very large compared to standard web pages. Larger files take longer to load, which means your viewer may get bored and give up. Though the University's internet connection speed is fast enough to cope with large files, the same can't always be said of students' home connections.

You can find a number of resources online to help you optimise your file size.

Optimise Images With Software

Optimise Images Online

Search here for free online image optimisers

Optimise Sound and Video Online

Optimise Lecture Recordings

  • Use the UTAS Lecture Recording Services:
    • The server negotiates the best compression rate with the relevant player on the client's computer
    • Files are compressed by the server, so they download faster
    • Download speed is much faster than from the Vista server