Web Services

PDF on the Web

Working with PDF

  • Make sure your PDF is tagged
  • Consider other formats, such as HTML
  • Use the Online PDF Converter to convert to HTML:
    -  Used by IBM Homepage Reader (a screen reader or spoken browser)
    -  Document must be in English or common western European languages that can be represented as ASCII text

If providing PDF files

  • Optimise any images in the PDF
  • Distil the file at 72dpi (fine for viewing text online) (you will need Distiller or Acrobat Professional to do this)
  • Also subset the embedded fonts
  • 'Save As' – removes unnecessary content
  • Break files into chapters
  • Convert to RTF from Acrobat - you will get a smaller file (but loss of format)

Write Searchable Documents

To optimise your files for search engines:

  • Fill out the document 'Properties' – displayed in search results
  • Use Structural elements properly in Word, PDF eg.:
    -  Headings
    -  Table of Contents
  • Split large documents into sections:
    -  Get more content indexed
    -  Documents will load faster
  • Provide alt text for images:
    -  Adds more 'indexable' text to your page
    -  If alt text is done well it increases accessibility for people with disabilities