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Plan your website

Do you need a new site or page/s?

Answering some of the following questions may be important in determining why you need a site. Will the site:

  • Provide content for a specific class of users - What are their needs?
  • Satisfy a compliance issue?
  • What happens if you don't provide this information?
  • Is the web the best or only method of providing this information?
  • Meet the strategic planning needs of your section or the University?
  • Who will maitain the website - keep the content current and relevant?

Planning a New Site

Making a story board (wire frame or paper prototype) as a plan of your site is essential and is a cost-effective method of developing the organisation of the content of your site. Jakob Nielsen (the widely acknowledged Guru of Web Usability) considers it to be the most effective method to plan a site.

Remember, that your site must also be: