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Get a Website Health Check

Is your site HEALTHY?

(derived from Designing Web Usability, Jacob Nielsen, 2000, New Riders)

We can evaluate your site against the following criteria, looking at satisfying specific business goals:

  • High quality content:
    Goal: Content selection and presentation is suitable for the purpose of the site.
  • Easy to use:
    Goals: Site is easily found and frequently visited by the target audience. The target audience is able to use the site to satisfy their needs. Succinct and intuitive URL's can be used in publications and promotions. People who 'surf' by guessing URL's can find sites. People that search for content using search engines can find the information they need.
  • Always kept up to date
    Goal: Content is kept up to date and contributes effectively to credibility of whole University web presence.
  • Lowest possible download time
    Goal: Pages should take no longer than 8-15 seconds to download on a 56K modem.
  • Totally relevant to users needs
    Goals: Site contain relevant content. Site is reviewed regularly and replanned if appropriate. New sites are well planned.
  • Highly specific to the internet
    Goals: Content is optimised for use online and is presented to the user in a seamless manner. It is not sufficient to place material designed for 'hard copy' for use online. Sensitive information is restricted to authorised users. Queries from people are responded to and feedback is acknowledged.
  • Your Organisational Unit supports the site
    Goal: Since a UTAS web site is an official publication of the section that maintains it, it must have a purpose and be appropriately resourced

For a Web Site Health Check, email Web Services.