Geography and Environmental Studies

The integrated study of the Earth, ecosystem processes, plants and animals, and complex social systems is key to addressing the twenty first century challenges so called 'wicked problems.'

We offer distinctive programs.

With an expanding human population and climate change, the future of people and the rest of nature will be strongly influenced by our graduates, who are expert in managing social and natural environments and agricultural innovation. You have the chance to make a difference!

We offer distinctive programs in human and physical geography, environmental planning and management.


Our graduates find jobs in diverse careers.

Geography and environmental studies cover a multitude of areas and give you the skills to move from one discipline to the next. If you love nature and you want to keep your options open, then this degree will open doors and open your mind.

Our graduates find jobs in diverse careers – indoors, outdoors - in cities, rural areas and remote natural regions.

Our graduates are pursuing exciting careers at the cutting edge of environmental activity all over the globe. They innovate, travel widely and contribute to the development of sustainable and prosperous communities.


Improve the knowledge base for nature conservation .

The Conserving Nature project aims to improve the knowledge base for nature conservation in the wild, the countryside and the city, including aspects such as fire in rainforest, birds in cities, conservation management in municipal governance, the conservation of rare butterflies and understanding conflict in the Tarkine.

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