Academic leader's work features in apartment build

A common room in the new Melville Street student apartments is now home to a large-scale artwork by artist and staff member Dr Jan Hogan.

It is one of many new artworks being created for the site by staff and students engaged by Commercial Services and Development. They include a large work for the foyer and a graffiti wall.

Dr Hogan's hand-printed woodcut is based on the medieval English law, ‘to common’, which confirmed the rights of the people to make use of the forests and the rivers to meet basic economic needs.

The common room has developed from this tradition and offers a space of shared facilities and communal gathering.

“The woodcut is based on the shadows of trees as they fall on the earth, the rhizomes of grasses and the pathways across the land formed by generations of people,” explains Dr Hogan, coordinator of Printmaking and Drawing at the School of Creative Arts in Hunter Street, Hobart.

Dr Hogan’s practice-led research explores the traces left in the land of past events, intertwining deep geological time with historical events and the present moment. She investigates how different art traditions communicate attitudes to the land and how settler Australians may enter into a sensitive dialogue with place.

She exhibits regularly and her work is represented in national and state collections.

Published on: 14 Aug 2017 10:22am