University offers creative, commercial opportunities

Tasmanian crafts people, designers and artists are invited to apply for the Makers’ Program, the University of Tasmania’s entrepreneurial enterprise which assists local artisans to sell and showcase their products.

Operating from the studios based at Burnie’s iconic Makers’ Workshop, the program is now in its ninth year and currently supports 31 artisans who engage with the 130,000 visitors the Makers’ Workshop attracts each year.

“The Makers’ Program provides visitors with a memorable experience of meeting local artisans and watching artform demonstrations,” Cradle Coast campus Arts and Public Programs Coordinator Joanna Gair said.

“The University is seeking dedicated artisans, particularly those working in art forms not currently represented. Ideally, they will have an established studio practice, a reputation for quality and the skill to make desirable products suitable for the visitor market. They will also need to enjoy speaking with visitors.

“The Makers’ Program facilitates substantial opportunities in exchange for a modest time commitment, and our retail partners provide generous commercial support in return for a commission on sales.

“Successful applicants can look forward to tangible business exposure, including contact with Burnie’s cruise ship passengers, as well as opportunities for professional development and social events.”

Current art forms featured in the Makers’ Program include millinery, glass, ceramics, jewellery, woodturning, textiles, printmaking and painting.

Applications close 5 pm Friday, 6th July 2018. For more information or to apply, email Joanna.Gair@utas.edu.au.

Pictured: Ceramicist Lucia Léon by Heath Holden.

Published on: 13 Jun 2018 10:27am