Faculty of Law Alumni

Emily Lupo


Emily Lupo
Bachelor of Laws / Bachelor of Business (2011)
Lawyer, Sports Lawyer
221 Queen Street Melbourne

Professional / Education Background

After graduating from UTAS in December 2011 I relocated to Melbourne and worked as an  Accountant at a National Sporting Organisation (NSO). Whist working in this position I also studied the Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice (GDLP) part time at the College of Law in Melbourne.

Through this position I developed a real passion and interest in Sports Law & decided that it was the career path that I wanted to pursue. I made sure that I did all that I could to grow my knowledge, experience and sports law network. I looked for areas within the NSO that needed improvement and I proactively imputed solutions which utilised my skills.

I was admitted as a Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Victoria and the High Court of Australia in December 2012 and gained a position as a Commercial Litigation Lawyer at a boutique commercial law firm.

Even though I was no longer working in sport I continued to ensure that I kept in contact with my networks and volunteered my services as much as possible. I also joined the Law Institute of  Victoria Sports Law Interest Group and the Australian and New Zealand Sports Law Association. I gained a great deal of benefit by joining these groups as it allowed me to get an understanding of which Victorian lawyers dominated the Sports Law field, and of the current and most topical issues for sport law.

In November 2013 I was successful in obtaining a position at Sports Lawyer, a known and leading boutique Sports Law firm.

Life as a Sports Lawyer

I work on a wide variety of matters from Olympic Selection appeals to employment law disputes in the Court of Arbitration for Sport and anti-doping matters. I have acted for and advised clients in a wide variety of sports including AFL, Soccer, Rugby Union, Go-Carting, Cricket, Croquet, Netball, Skiing, Soccer, Horse Racing and so on.

It's a really varied and interesting field and most of the work needs to be done quickly in accordance with tight deadlines. Clients are always passionate and committed to working with you to achieve the best outcome for the sport (so the atmosphere is great). I also regularly give sports law lectures to University students, and sports law seminars to sporting groups.

Opportunities provided to me by UTAS Law

I am very fortunate to have studied at UTAS and developed the skill set that has enabled me to get into the niche and competitive area of Sports Law. Upon relocating to Victoria it became very apparent that my advocacy skills were significantly better than the majority of other students completing the GDLP at the College of Law (although I was only middle of the pack in comparison to my UTAS classmates). This is a significant advantage not only in acting as an advocate for clients, but also in marketing myself and the law firm.

A huge part of being a successful lawyer is stepping outside the box and proactively looking for ways to grow the business and market your legal services to others. I found that this was the most practical skill that I gained from my time at UTAS and it has ensured that I have been able to quickly advance in my career.

Further to this, UTAS is one of the few Australian Universities that offers Sports Law as an undergraduate elective subject. I would strongly recommend that anyone who has an interest in this field take the Sports Law elective as it provides a great overview into the types of legal matters that are likely to arise in a sporting context.