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Christine Critchley

CLG Member - Associate Professor

Phone: +61 3 9214 5480

Email: ccritchley@swin.edu.au


Associate Professor Critchley is a social psychologist and has been involved with the CLG since 2007, collaborating on a number of projects and papers with Professors Nicol, Otlowski and Chalmers.

She has published 40 peer reviewed papers, with many focusing on the impact of commercialisation on public trust in areas such as biobanking, genomics and stem cell research, and science in general. 

Christine's statistical and methodological expertise has been utilised in publications across a wide range of areas including public attitudes towards complex ethical and legal issues, trust in science, public health, medicine, and law. Her publications and teaching include complex and sophisticated statistical analyses including multi sample structural equation modeling, multilevel modeling, and mixture modeling. 

Currently Associate Professor Critchley is also the Academic Leader of a Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) facility and is the Chair of Swinburne University's Department of Statistics, Data Science and Epidemiology. Christine is also a chief investigator of Swinburne's annual National Technology and Society Monitor, which has examined the Australian publics' perceptions of science and emerging technologies since 2003. 

She also currently acts as an Associate Editor for Human Reproduction and conducts reviews for many journals including, Public Understanding of Science, Biopreservation and Biobanking, and the Journal of Public Health Research. She is also an author on CLGs Occasional Paper - The innovation pool in Biotechnology.

Current CLG PhDs 

Future Research

The impact of commercialisation on public trust in science. Public attitudes towards various aspects of personalised medicine.


  • Michael Burgess


Member of the Biotechnology, Ethics, Law & Society (BELS) Network (2008 – Present)