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Jane Nielsen

CLG Member- Senior Research Fellow

Phone: +61 3 6226 2322

Email: Jane.Nielsen@utas.edu.au


Dr Jane Nielsen's involvement with the CLG began in 2000 when she commenced her PhD. She has been involved in the Centre's patent projects, working closely alongside the Centre Director Professor Dianne Nicol, whilst holding a substantive teaching role in the Faculty of Law (Torts and Competition law.) At present her work is entirely research based and she is Senior Research Fellow on the MTA project. She also works on her own projects, particularly in the areas of biotechnology and 3D printing. She recently completed a project 'Delivering on the Commercial Promise of 3D Printing: Identifying Legal Barriers' supported by a UTAS Research Enhancement Grant (2014).

Dr Nielsen has a number of notable publications in her areas of interest.  Dr Nielsen is also committed to improving law policy and practice in her areas of research, and as part of the CLG has been involved in making submissions to law reform inquires on multiple occasions. She has been involved in drafting submissions to 12 public inquiries relating to intellectual property (IP) and competition law, most of which have resulted in citations in interim and final reports. Translational highlights include invitations to give oral evidence to public inquiries,.

As part of her role as a CLG member, Dr Nielsen has co- authored two CLG occasional papers (Occasional Paper 0.7 and Occasional Paper 0.8) and many publications in peer-reviewed journals. Dr Nielsen also presents regularly at conferences and workshops. Recent presentations include:

Intellectual property, patents, trade secrecy, consumer protection and product safety, competition law, biotechnology, 3D printing.

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