Centre for Law and Genetics

Joanne Dickinson

CLG Member - Associate Professor

Phone: +61 3 6226 7622

Email: Jo.Dickinson@utas.edu.au


Associate Professor Jo Dickinson is the leader of Cancer, Genetics and Immunology theme at the Menzies Institute for Medical Research. The focus of her research is genetic contributors to complex disease, and at present her focus is prostate, breast, blood and vulvar cancers.

Supported by a NHMRC Program grant and working alongside Professor Simon Foote, she worked with the CLG, as a necessary link between scientific research practices and the development of governance, guidelines and policy underpinning genetic research. Her role at the CLG has grown since the biobank project Tasmania, and she is now lead researcher on the Tas-Bio-GRiD project to set-up a new biorepository facility for Tasmanian inherited disease research.  

Associate Professor Dickinson is involved on a number of ethics and research review panels. Key appointments include

She also regularly reviews for research grants in the UK and Australia, including for NHMRC project grants and Centre for Clinical Research Excellence. Additionally she reviews for a variety of journals including Molecular Cancer Therapeutics, PLOS One, and Genes and Immunity.

Research Interests

Genetics; Hereditary disease; cancer; prostate cancer; vulvar cancer; breast cancer.; community engagement in discussions on personalised medicine in the genomics era.