Centre for Law and Genetics

John Liddicoat

CLG Member - Research Associate (PhD)



Dr Liddicoat is currently based at the University of Cambridge where his is the Philomathia Research Associate. His work now focuses on intellectual property and new technology. He is also an adjunct researcher with the University of Tasmania, Faculty of Law and the Centre for Law and Genetics.

John came to the Centre of Law and Genetics in 2009, after graduating from the University of Melbourne with honours in both genetics and law. He worked as a research associate and then as a research fellow on both the MTA and 3D Printing Projects whilst completing his PhD.

Dr Liddicoat's thesis, Boundaries of Patent Infringement Law (2012) analyses topical issues in patent infringement law. It uses economic patent theory and comparative legal analysis as a lens to inform policy and reform options. The issues within the thesis vary, covering topics such as false patent marking, innocent infringement and supply infringement.

Research interests

Patent law, patent jurisprudence, patent practise, privacy, confidential information, copyright law, design law, commercialisation, law and emerging technologies (green technology and 3D printers), biosimilars, jurisprudence

Current projects 

In addition to his PhD, John is involved in the following projects/research areas. 

Past projects