Centre for Law and Genetics


PhD Candidate

Email: Jurgen.Gnoinski@utas.edu.au


Jurgen joined the CGL in 2016 to undertake a PhD under the supervision of Professor Nicol and Dr Nielsen. Jurgen has a background in technology and innovation management and has worked a number of years at operational and corporate levels  in the metallurgical  industry in Australia, Namibia and South Africa. Jurgen has LLB, MBA, MSc degrees and recently completed a Masters degree in Intellectual Property Law at the University of Technology Sydney.


Australian Designs Law and Virtual Designs

My research examines whether a design that is represented in a digital form should  be protected by design registration and suggests ways to develop Australian Designs law by way of legislative intervention and judicial interpretation.

Research focus areas

Intellectual property, design law


Other Research Interests

Internet law, jurisprudence, law and technology.