Centre for Law and Genetics

Moshood Abdussalam

PhD Candidate

Phone: +61 3 6226 2721

Email: Moshood.Abdussalam@utas.edu.au


Moshood holds both a Bachelor of Laws with Honors from London Metropolitan University (UK) and a Masters of Laws in European Intellectual Property Law, Stockholm University (Sweden).  He began his PhD at the University of Tasmania in 2013. 


The Legal and Economic Nature of Patent Law Remedies (2013)

Moshood's research principally relates to the problem(s) of opportunism in the patent system. Opportunism can arise on the part of patentees in circumstances where patent remedies are inordinately favourable to patent holders such that they able to extract undeserved rent from infringers and intending users of patented technologies.  On the other hand, opportunism can also arise on the part of infringers whereby they are able to infringe patents with impunity in circumstances where the application of remedies lacks deterrent force against infringement. His thesis aims at proposing a solution to the problem of patent opportunism by suggesting a regime of legal remedies properly suited to the teleological intendments of patent law.

This research is based largely on theoretical analysis. However, it draws upon empirical studies in the patent enforcement literature, Commonwealth and US case law on patent remedies and relevant academic publications.

Research focus areas

Opportunism; Ex-Post Patent Market; Injunctions; Damages; Account of Profits; Reasonable Royalties; and Enforcement of Patents.


Other research interests

Intellectual Property Law; Private Law Remedies; Law and Economics; and Political Economics.