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Simone Bingham

PhD candidate

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Email: Simone.Bingham@utas.edu.au


Simone wears two hats at the University of Tasmania: she is a commercial law academic with the Tasmanian School of Business and Economics and researcher in corporate governance and compliance; and a PhD student with the Faculty of Law.

Simone is a dog lover and breeds Italian Greyhounds from her home with her family. When it came time to commence her PHD she decided to combine her love of teaching about regulation and law and her passion for breeding, owning, showing and loving dogs into her PhD studies.


The Role and Effectiveness of Regulation in Dog Breeding in Australia. (Commenced in July 2013, expected completion late 2016)

This topic has allowed Simone to  interview stakeholders and survey dog owners and dog breeders in order to look at the current regulatory framework. Simone has determined that there are a number of issues in dog breeding in Australia and her PhD considers the role and effectiveness of regulation in addressing these issues.

One major aspect that is considered in her PhD research is the genetic issues that affect a large proportion of pure breed dogs in Australia. Simone is currently working with a Professor in Veterinary Science on work that examines the breeding objectives and motivations of dog breeders. This research will document the genetic tests that the breeders that undertook a survey of breeders that she is conducting undertake, the disclosures they make to their puppy buyers, their awareness of their current regulatory obligations as a breeder and the importance they place on long term and short term breed characteristics in their breeding choices.

Simone believes that the genetic issues,  welfare issues that some breeding dogs face and the conflicting views about how dogs should best be bred in Australia are just three of the issues that may be addressed by the use of both hard and soft regulation and a more effective and uniform regulatory approach.

The survey that Simone is doing of Australian Dog Breeders is still open - take the survey.

Simone was recently interviewed by Dr Anne Fawcett from smallanimaltalk.com, if you would like to read more about her and her research.

Research focus areas 

Corporate Governance, Animal Law

Other research areas 

Scholarship of University Teaching, Corporate Governance, Animal Law