Centre for Law and Genetics

Tess Whitton

CLG Projects Manager

Phone: + 61 3 6226 2771

Email: Tess.Whitton@utas.edu.au


Tess commenced her work at the CLG in 2012 as an Event Coordinator for 'The Biobank Project Tasmania - A Community Consultation' after graduating from the University of Tasmania, Bachelor of Laws with Honours.

She has been involved in a number of the CLGs research projects as a research assistant, particularly for Professor Dianne Nicol (director). In her current role, her focus is on furthering the reach and profile of the Centre whilst engaging broadly across research projects, this includes project, resource and funding management.

Tess is also the Tas-Bio-GRiD Executive Officer (through the Menzies Institute for Medical Research) which involves working closely with Associate Professor Dickinson and other members of the CLG in relation to biobanking in Tasmania.

Research interests

Patents; gene patents; governance of biobanking; public trust in biobanking.

Current projects

Past project