Centre for Law and Genetics

Genome editing workshop

The Centre for Law and Genetics hosted a conference on Genome Editing on November 13 and 14, 2016. The conference was attended by a wide range of experts from varied fields to discuss the implications of genome editing. It was the diversity of expertise which made this conference particularly interesting and the holistic approach to problem solving. The workshop canvassed the issues from the practicality of science (and it concerns), the legal/regulatory frameworks as well as the ethical, bioethical and philosophical concerns and perspectives across a number of countries.

The conference covered (view the agenda) genome editing and translation into the clinic, intellectual property and germline editing. Sessions were made up of a small number of targeted presentations followed by group discussion. Slides from many of these presentations have been made freely available. The meeting of minds across disciplines was a particularly valuable exercise as innovation and concern in this area cannot be considered in isolation.



  • Adrian White (Department of Industry, Innovation and Science)
  • Ainsley Newson (Sydney)
  • Alex Hewitt (University of Tasmania)
  • David Mackey (Lions Eye Institute)
  • Erika Kleiderman  (McGill)
  • Frederic Gilbert (University of Tasmania)
  • Jac Charlesworth (University of Tasmania)
  • Jacob Sherkow (NY)
  • Jennifer Wagner (Gelsinger)
  • Joanne Kamens (AddGene)
  • John Liddicoat (Cambridge)
  • Jusaku Minari (Osaka)
  • Kathryn Burdon (University of Tasmania)
  • Kazuto Kato (Osaka)
  • Merlin Crossley (UNSW)
  • Michael Morrison (Oxford)
  • Sarah Chan (Edinburgh)  
  • Satoshi Kodama (Kyoto)
  • Sheryl de Lacey (Flinders University)
  • Tania Bubela (Alberta)
  • Will Howard (Office of the Chief Scientist)

CLG Members

  • Dianne Nicol
  • Christine Critchley (Swinburne)
  • Don Chalmers
  • James Scheibner
  • Jan Charbonneau
  • Jane Nielsen
  • Jo Dickinson
  • Jurgen Gnoiski
  • Lisa Eckstein
  • Marg Otlowski
  • Rebekah McWhirter
  • Suzana Nashkova
  • Tess Whitton