Faculty of Law

Personal Support

The Law School, and the University of Tasmania generally, offer a range of programs and services to ensure your study and stay in Tasmania are comfortable and rewarding...

ISSP Coordinator

The Coordinator of the International Student Support Program, Kerryn Brent, is available to discuss any problems or concerns you may have. The Coordinator will refer you to specialised support if necessary and follow up to see how you are going. From simple requests for information, to more complex and serious matters, the ISSP Coordinator is there to help you.

Room 2.21
Email Kerryn on: K.A.Brent@utas.edu.au to make an appointment.

Student Services and Support

Fact sheets on a range of subjects including personal health, adjusting to university studies, coping with a traumatic event and preparing for university exams (to name but a few) are available online at the Student Centre Support. Hard copies of some of the key fact sheets are available from the display stand outside the ISSP Coordinator's office (Room 3.04).

Student Counselling

The Student Counselling Service offers free and confidential appointments to help with personal and academic problems.

Common issues discussed include feelings of anxiety, depression; concerns about university work; relationship problems (family, partners, friends, house-mates); stress at home, work or university; managing life with disabilities or health problems; loss or trauma and worries about lack of confidence, body image, self-esteem.

See the Student Services Counselling for excellent information and links to audio material.

Phone: (61) 3 6226 2697 to make an appointment.
Located: at Student Centre.

Disability Service

If you have a chronic health condition or disability the Disability Advisers can help you to participate fully in University life.

If you have a disability that affects your study you may be eligible for a Learning Access Plan to arrange appropriate services, as well as study and assessment adjustments.

For further information see Disability Services.

To make an appointment:
Phone: (61) 3 6226 2697 or
Email: Doug.McGinn@utas.edu.au or Carol.Devereaux@utas.edu.au
Located: Student Centre.

Religious Support

Religious support is available to students of all faiths.

On the Hobart campus the University has developed a faith centre, located in the TUU building. This Centre provides offices, a chapel and meeting place for University students and staff. A number of chaplains visit this centre regularly. More Information about religious support.

Located: Ground floor of the TUU building at east entrance.
Phone: (61) 3 6226 2697 (Student Centre).
Opening hours: 9.00am - 5.00pm.

A prayer room and facilities for Muslim students and staff are available on the Hobart campus. Muslim prayer timings can be downloaded at www.islamicfinder.org. More details are available by phoning Student Centre reception on (61) 3 6226 2697.

Further information about religious services (PDF 111 KB) in Hobart is available.