Faculty of Law


International Justice Initiative Achievements

Students involved in the International Justice Initiative have made significant contributions to the development of international law and policy in a range of fields. These include:

  • Supporting new renewable energy initiatives in developing countries by researching existing legal initiatives, and the energy needs and plans of the world’s poorest countries.
  • Providing research support and advice to developing country negotiators on issues of compliance and transparency.
  • Researching the financial needs of developing countries to achieve their pledges under the Paris Climate Agreement, which gained international media attention during its signing ceremony in New York.
  • Conducting research into the position of various organisations on public participation and conflicts of interest, to contribute to an international workshop on this topic, which was covered by the New York Times and other media outlets.
  • Participating in multiple United Nations meetings and providing assistance to negotiating groups representing over 60 countries.

The Initiative has also helped to build connections between UTAS and overseas universities and is further strengthening the Law School’s international profile.