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Sex Crimes and Criminals (Unit)

Sex Crimes and Criminals is a transdisciplinary unit designed for police officers, students and professionals of law, criminology and sociology

Who commits sex crimes? What are their profiles? What impacts do sexual crimes have upon the survivors (‘victims’) of these offences? And what does the criminal justice system do to prevent sex crimes? These central questions will be addressed by criminal lawyers, social scientists, criminologists and sexual assault counsellors teaching the unit. The unit focuses upon challenges facing the criminal justice system and how it responds to sexual crimes, including:

  • Social attitudes and myths and how these limit the effect of law reform;
  • Detection and prosecution; and
  • Digital technologies (e.g. child ‘pornography’ and deviant internet subcultures).

Online: Sex Crimes and Criminals is a fully online unit.

Study without fees* (conditions apply): HECS Scholarships available for all non-UTAS domestic students in 2016 when studying Sex Crimes and Criminals You will not incur a tuition fee or debt. The Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) may also be exempted for non-UTAS domestic students.

On successful completion of this unit you will be able to:

  • Explain legal, organisational, social & psychological responses to sexual offences;
  • Describe the aetiology (causes) of sexual offending & its effects;
  • Use Situational Crime Prevention Theory to analyse the limitations of law reform;
  • Discuss new dimensions and challenges presented by tech-enabled sexual offending.

Please note this unit is available to Police Officers in Tasmania and Victoria Police in Semester 1 2017 and undergraduate Arts/Law students in semester 2 2017.

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