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Social Justice and Volunteering (TULS)

The Social Justice and Volunteering Guide is produced by the Tasmania University Student Law Society to broaden students awareness of the opportunities available to pursue social justice and gain valuable practical legal skills while at law school. The guide includes information on organisations and agencies that have made a commitment to providing internships to UTAS law students, or have indicated that they are welcome as volunteers.

There are four main sections:

Taking on internship and volunteering positions during law school allows students to gain a greater awareness of the social justice issues within our local, national and international community. The work students engage in during their time at law school can provide a crucial advantage when prospective employers are considering two otherwise qualified applicants. By volunteering students gain valuable experience and demonstrate initiative, aptitude and a commitment to working to address inequalities and advance the needs of those less fortunate.

The Guide also includes information on applying and undertaking internship and volunteering opportunities and testimonials from UTAS law students sharing their experiences and reflections on what can be gained from taking on these opportunities, while balancing a busy workload at law school. The full publication can be downloaded at the TULS website.

This initiative was created by the Tasmania University Student Law Society under the structure of the Tasmania University Union (TUU).