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Rohan Price

Rohan Price

Dr Rohan Price

Senior Lecturer - Adjunct

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Contact Campus Sandy Bay Campus
Building Faculty of Law Building
Telephone +61 3 6428 2064
Fax +61 3 6226 7623
Email Rohan.Price@utas.edu.au


Rohan Price holds a BA, LLB (1994), an LLM (2002) from the University of Tasmania and a PhD from the University of New England (2013).

His teaching areas have principally been in Employment Law and Property Law. He has been a Lecturer at the University of New England Law School (1999-2004), a Senior Lecturer and LLB Coordinator at Edith Cowan University Law School (2005-2008) and an Assistant Professor at the City University of Hong Kong Law School (2008-2010). He is visiting professor at Dalian Maritime University Law School in North East China where he teaches Maritime Law and academic skills. In 2014 he was also a visiting Professor at Shandong University Faculty of Law, Weihai, where he taught a course on Common Law Legal Method.

Rohan's PhD was on the use of property law by the British colonial government of Hong Kong to discourage Chinese nationalism in their colony between the wars. Rohan is currently working on a biography of Hong Kong Land Officer, Mr Philip Jacks (1877-1941).

Rohan coordinates Labour Law in the Faculty.

His recent publications include:

  • "Making Japan Pay for Its East Asian Occupations (1941-1945): A New Modality for International Law?" (2013) 1 China-EU Law Journal 1-32. Available online.
  • "Diesel Exhaust Liability in Hong Kong: the Case for a Cross-Border Legal Transplant (with J Ho & S Tse) (2012) 7(1) Journal of Comparative Law 172-195.
  • "Occupational Exposure to Asbestos: Mortality and Liability Issues Arising in Hong Kong's Shipping Industry" (with J Burke, CityU of HK) (2012) 1(1) Air and Water Borne Diseases 1-8.
  • "Air Pollution in Hong Kong: The Failure of Government and Judicial Review" (2012) 2 Public Law 179-197.
  • "Air Pollution in Hong Kong: The Failure of Judicial Review and the Slight Promise of Recent Cases" (with J Ho, CityU of HK) (2011) Singapore Journal of Legal Studies 394-411.
  • "Moral Hazard, Insolvency and Employees as Creditors: What Governance Lessons Can Be Learned from the Hong Kong Model?" (with J Ho, City U of HK) (2011) 2 Journal of Corporate Law Studies 525-550.
  • "The Need for a Regulatory Response to Diagnosis Fraud in Mesothelioma Cases" (2011) 19(3) Journal of Law and Medicine 1-5.
  • "Implementing a Minimum Wage in Hong Kong – Appreciating International Experiences but Recognising Local Conditions" (with J Ho, CityU of HK) (2011) 40(2) Common Law World Review 95-117.
  • "Bringing Corporate Rescue Laws to Hong Kong: A Reform Too Big to Fail?" (with J Ho, CityU of HK) (2011) 12(1) Business Law International 71-92.
  • "Reforming Charity Law in Hong Kong and Australia: What Lessons Can be Learned From the United Kingdom?" (with J Ho, CityU of HK) (2011) 1(3) Asian Journal of Comparative Law 1-23.
  • "How Good is the New Competition Law?"(2011) Hong Kong Lawyer 35-37 (August issue) (trans traditional Chinese).

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