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Don Chalmers

Don Chalmers

Prof Don Chalmers

Distinguished Professor - Associate Dean International

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Contact Campus Sandy Bay Campus
Building Faculty of Law Building
Room Reference 218
Telephone +61 3 6226 7567
Fax +61 3 6226 7623
Email Don.Chalmers@utas.edu.au


  • The Governance of Biobanks and Databases for Research - Towards an International Consensus on Ethical Principles DRC Chalmers 2007 * Taiwan Journal of Law and Technology Policy 4 (1) 5-40
  • Equity & Trusts - Commentary and Materials G Dal Pont, DRC Chalmers and J Maxton 2007 * Lawbook Co.
  • International Co-operation Between Biobanks: The Case for Harmonisation of Guidelines and Governance DRC Chalmers 2007 * Human Biotechnology & Public Trust: Trends, Perceptions and Regulation Centre for Law and Genetics, Mark Stranger (ed) 237-246
  • Regulating Genetic Information in the Genome Era: Australian and International Perspectives DRC Chalmers 2008 * 3rd Conference on Law & Technology: Abstracts and Proceedings, 11-12 November 2008, Malaysia, 31-39
  • Human genetic databanks in Australia: indications of inconsistency and confusion MJA Stranger, EJ Bell, D Nicol, MFA Otlowski and DRC Chalmers 2008 * New Genetics and Society 27 (4) 311-321
  • Human genetic research databases and biobanks: Towards uniform terminology and Australian best practice D Nicol and DRC Chalmers 2008 * Journal of Law and Medicine, 15 (4) 538-555
  • The Regulation of Embryo and Stem Cell Research in Australia: Licensing with a Restrictive Tilt DRC Chalmers 2008 * Journal of International Biotechnology Law 05 (05) 177-185

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Donald Chalmers is Distinguished Professor at the University of Tasmania and Director of the Centre for Law and Genetics. He is a Foundation Fellow of the Australian Academy of Law.

He was Chair of the Australian Red Cross Ethics Committee from 2000 until 2010. He is Chair of the Gene Technology Ethics and Community Consultative Committee, and Deputy Chair of the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Embryo Research Licensing Committee. He is a member of the International Human Genome Organisation Ethics Committee and of the International Cancer Genome Consortium. He has been a member of the International Scientific Review Panels of Genome Canada since 2004.

He was Chair of the NHMRC Australian Health Ethics Committee from 1994 to 2000, a member of the NHMRC Human Genetics Advisory Committee 2006-09, a member of the Board of the Australian Institute of Family Studies, 1998-2006; member of the Commonwealth Biotechnology Advisory Council, 1999-2002; Law Reform Commissioner for Tasmania, 1991-1997; consultant to the Australian Law Reform Commission Report on the genetic privacy, 2001-2003.

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