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Jeremy Prichard

Jeremy Prichard

Dr Jeremy Prichard

Senior Lecturer

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Contact Campus Sandy Bay Campus
Building Faculty of Law Building
Room Reference 2.15
Telephone +61 3 6226 2080
Fax +61 3 6226 7623
Email Jeremy.Prichard@utas.edu.au

Career Outline

My research training includes honours in psychology (1995) and a PhD in law (2004) from the University of Tasmania. At the Australian Institute of Criminology (2003-2005) I managed a national project on substance use by young detainees (Drug Use Careers of Offenders) and collaborated with research teams on drink spiking as well as illicit drug markets in regional Indigenous communities. At Queensland's Crime and Misconduct Commission (2005-2006) I continued researching the nexus between drugs, health and law enforcement. In 2006 I moved from a research setting to work in government policy formation in Queensland. My substantive roles concerned child protection (Senior Policy Officer, Department of the Premier and Cabinet) and policing in Indigenous communities (Special Projects Manager, Department of Communities).

Although I publish across diverse topics, my research activity centres upon on two interdisciplinary teams: with chemists and epidemiologists, investigating drug trends with wastewater analysis; and more recently with ICT experts and a psychologist investigating online child exploitation material.

I am a member of the Sentencing Advisory Council for the Tasmanian Attorney General.

 Selected Publications

  • Lai, F, Thai, P, O'Brien, J, Gartner, C, Bruno, R, Kele, B, Ort, C, Prichard, J, Kirkbridge, P, Hall, W, Carter, S and Mueller, JF, 'Using quantitative wastwater analysis to measure daily usage of conventional and emerging illicit drugs at an annual music festival', Drug and Alcohol Review (2013) pp. 1-9. ISSN 0959-5236 (2013)
  • Griggs, L, Henning, T & Prichard, J, 'Does the Despoiler of Water Have a Proprietary Right in the Commingled Product? Implications for Property Law and Criminal Procedure', Monash University Law Review, 38 (3) pp. 35-54. ISSN 0311-3140 (2012)
  • Prichard, J, Spiranovic, C, Watters, P & Lueg, C, 'Young people, child pornography and subcultural norms on the Internet', Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, April 2013 (April 2013) EJ ISSN 1532-2890 (2013).
  • Hall, W, Prichard, J, Kirkbride, P, Bruno, R, Thai, PK, Gartner, C, Lai, FY, Ort, C, & Mueller, JF, 'An Analysis of ethical issues in using wastewater analysis to monitor illicit drug use', Addiction, 107 pp. 1767-1773. (2012)
  • Lai, FY, Bruno, R, Hall, W, Gartner, C, Ort, C, Kirkbride, P, Prichard, J, Thai, PK, Carter, S, & Mueller, JF*, 'Profiles of illicit drug use during annual key holiday and control periods: wastewater analysis in an urban, a semi-rural and a vacation area', Addiction EJ pp. 1-10. (2012)
  • Prichard, J, Yin Lai, F, Kirkbride, P, Bruno, R, Ort, C, Carter, S, Hall, W, Gartner, C,Thai, PK, & Mueller, JF, 'Measuring drug use patterns in Queensland through wastewater analysis', Trends and Issues in Crime and Criminal Justice (422) pp. 1-8. (2012)
  • Prichard, J, 'Euthanasia: A reply to Bartels and Otlowski', Journal of Law and Medicine, 19 (3) pp. 610-621. (2012)
  • Lai, FY, Ort, C, Gartner, C, Carter, S, Prichard, J, Kirkbride, P, Bruno, R, Hall, W, Eaglesham, G, & Mueller, JF, 'Refining the estimation of illicit drug consumptions from wastewater analysis: Co-analysis of prescription pharmaceuticals and uncertainty assessment', Water Research, 45 (15) pp. 4437-4448. (2011)
  • Prichard, J & Watters, P, & Spiranovic, C, 'Internet subcultures and pathways to the use of child pornography', Computer Law and Security Review, 27 (6) pp. 585-600. (2011)
  • Prichard, J, 'Net-Widening and the Diversion of Young People From Court: A Longitudinal Analysis With Implications for Restorative Justice', Australian and New Zealand Journal of Criminology, 43 (1) pp. 112-129. (2010)
  • Prichard, J, Ort, C, Bruno, R, Gartner, C, Kirkbride, P, Hall, W, Yin Lai, F, Carter, S,Thai, P, Mueller, J, & Salinas, A, 'Developing a Method for Site-Specific Wastewater Analysis: Implications for Prisons and Other Agencies with an Interest in Illicit Drug Use', Journal of Law and Information Science, 20 (2) pp. 15-27. (2010)
  • Prichard, J, Matthews, A, Bruno, R, Rayment, K, James, HM, 'Detouring Civil Liberties? Drug-Driving Laws in Australia', Griffith Law Review, 19 (2) pp. 330-349. (2010)

Refereed conference papers only when the paper was published in full in the proceedings

  • Prichard, J, 'Multiple-choice questionnaires and the success of law students: Results of a preliminary evaluation', Research and Development in Higher Education: Connections in Higher Education, Volume 35, 2-5 July 2012, Hobart, pp. 251-259. (2012)
  • Bartkowiak-Théron, I, Travers, M & Prichard, J, 'Bail and vulnerability: do we know enough to help inform policy?', in Bartkowiak-Théron, I., & Travers, M. (eds) The 6th Annual Australian and New Zealand Critical Criminology Conference, 12-13 July 2012, University of Tasmania: Hobart. (2013).

Other publications

(Reports for Government Agencies)

  • Gregg, L, Warner, K & Prichard, J, Arson and Deliberately Lit Fires, Final Report No. 1, Hobart: Sentencing Advisory Council (2012)
  • Prichard, J, Matthews, A, Julian, R, Bruno, R, Rayment, K & Mason, RL, Review of the Road Safety (Alcohol and Drugs) Amendment Act 2005, Hobart: Tasmania Police (2009)

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LAW257 Criminal Law A Police StudiesLAW258 Criminal Law B and Criminal Procedure
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