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Kate Warner

Prof Kate Warner

Emeritus Professor

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Contact Campus Sandy Bay Campus
Building Faculty of Law Building
Room Reference 1.05
Telephone +61 3 6226 2067
Fax +61 3 6226 7623
Email Kate.Warner@utas.edu.au


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I am a graduate of the University of Tasmania receiving an honours degree in law in 1970 and an LLM by thesis in 1978. I began working full time as a lecturer in the Law Faculty in 1981 and was promoted to Senior Lecturer in 1989, Associate Professor in 1993 and to Professor in 1996. I was the first woman Dean of the Law Faculty (1992-1994) and was Head of School from 1994-1997. In 2002 I was appointed as Director of the Tasmania Law Reform Institute which is based at the Law Faculty. In 2006 I was awarded the Allen Austin Bartholomew Award for the best article in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Criminology in 2004-2005 and in 2007 I was made a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Law. In 2009 I was awarded a Fellowship at All Souls College Oxford for Michaelmas Term 2009.

Units Taught

LAW257 Criminal Law A
LAW258 Criminal Law B
LAW422 Evidence
LAW688 Sentencing
LAW638 Criminology