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Rick Snell

Rick Snell

Assoc/Prof Rick Snell

Senior Lecturer - Deputy Dean/ Deputy Head of School

Contact Details

Contact Campus Sandy Bay Campus
Building Faculty of Law Building
Room Reference 2.09
Telephone +61 3 6226 2062
Fax +61 3 6226 7623
Email R.Snell@utas.edu.au

Teaching Responsibilities

Rick is a University of Tasmania Teaching Excellence Award winner and received a 2008 National Citation for Teaching but more importantly he loves to teach. Teaching and research are intertwined, or concomitant, elements of his professional life. He strives to link teaching and research, and build upon those links, to aim for what the former vice-chancellor of Wollongong University Ken McKinnon described as a spiral of quality a continuous cycle of planning, acting, observing and reflecting.

As a teacher he is inclusive, people orientated and has a passion to search out, test and pass on knowledge whether it be from a lectern, the pages of a journal or an on-line opinion piece. For students, experts and the community he tries to act as a bridge or conduit between research, ideas, public law values and the needs of citizens.

Rick Snell has recently been awarded the following teaching prizes:

2008 Australian National Citation for Excellence in Teaching and Learning2009 UTAS Teaching Excellence Award

2009 Lexis Nexis Australasian Law Teacher of the Year for Excellence in Teaching and Innovation


  • Freedom of Information: The Experience of the Australian States - An Epiphany? RD Snell 2001 * Federal Law Review 29 (3) 343-358
  • FOI: threatened by governments, underused by journalists - still a sharp tool RD Snell 2002 * Journalism Investigation & Research Longman, Longman, S Tanner (ed) 150-164
  • FoI and the Delivery of Diminishing Returns, or How Spin Doctors and Journalists have Mistreated a Volatile Reform RD Snell 2002 * The Drawing Board Journal 2 (3) 187-207
  • Freedom of Information Practices RD Snell 2006 * AGENDA 13 (4) 291-307
  • Information Flows: The real art of Information Management and Freedom of Information RD Snell and P Sebina 2007 * Archives and Manuscripts: The Journal of the Australian Society of Archivists 35 (1) 54-82
  • Australian Ombudsman: A continual work in progress RD Snell 2007 * Australian Administrative Law Cambridge University Press (Matthew Groves and HP Lee (ed) 100-115

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Rick Snell is a senior lecturer in law at the University of Tasmania. His research, ideas and teaching have been influential within Australia and internationally. After joining the Law School he quickly built an international reputation in the area of Freedom of Information and within six years was awarded a Teaching Excellence Award and was profiled as one of the 48 Australian academics with exemplary or noteworthy approaches to teaching (Ballantyne et al Reflecting on University Teaching Academics Stories 1997). Since that time he has developed a growing reputation in the area of Ombudsman studies.

Rick was formerly a member of the Tasmanian Administrate Review Advisory Council which advises the Tasmanian Attorney-General on Administrative Law matters. He was an elected and active member of the governing Council of the University of Tasmania from 2003-2006.

Units Taught

LAW609 - Comparative Administrative Law

LAW204 - Administrative Law