Faculty of Law

Equity and Diversity

International Equity and Diversity Goal

One of the Faculty's main equity and diversity goals is to increase awareness of the value of diversity across the institution, as described in detail below.

Faculty/Division Implementation Strategies
(for achieving the above institutional goal)
Target Performance Measure Progress / Review
Ensure staff and students are aware of relevant policies (including Discrimination and Harassment policies) and provide easy access to such policies (e.g. links to relevant University and Faculty policies via the Law Faculty website). Make the internet-based link from the Faculty of Law website to relevant policies more direct. Increased direct access to, and awareness of, relevant policies. Relevant information displayed outside TULS office, ISSP coordinator’s office and in library.
Increase access for students and staff to printed versions of such policies. Install a permanent display of relevant brochures and student information handbooks within the Faculty of Law.

Encourage staff (and students) to attend relevant seminars etc.

Consider creating other minority representatives positions on TULS (i.e. Gay/Lesbian Student Officer). Consider creating such positions before November 2010 (i.e. before the 2011 committee is elected). Increased representation of all minority student groups on TULS. Continuing – considered in 2011 for 2012 elections