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For further information on Law School publications, to subscribe to an ongoing journal, or to purchase single copies, please contact our Faculty Publications Officer on: Law.Publications@utas.edu.au. A pricelist is also available with details of prices for all Faculty publications.

Antarctic and Southern Ocean Law and Policy

The Antarctic and Southern Ocean Law and Policy Occasional Paper is a series aimed at encouraging research and providing a forum for public discussion on law and policy issues relating to the Antarctic an the Southern Ocean generally.

This series is published by the Law School of the University of Tasmania, Australia. Based in Hobart, the University is a primary centre for Antarctic research in Australia. Hobart itself is the location of Australia's Antarctic Division and the main centre for Australia's Antarctic activities,. Hobart is also the international headquarters for the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources.

This journal is an occasional paper, and is not published on a regular basis.

Centre for Law and Genetics

Published works are a core output of the Centre for Law & Genetics. We are currently developing a searchable list of our publications. In the mean time we invite you to browse publications by researcher on their profiles, by research project or view the occasional papers.

Occasional papers are some of the most important publication outputs from Centre for Law and Genetics. They generally provide:


  • In depth analysis of current legal, ethical, social and international landscapes of relevant issues
  • Detailed data reporting and analytics from empirical studies
  • Recommendations for law and regulatory reform
  • More comprehensive analysis and detailed discussion of material presented in our peer reviewed publications

See the Occasional Paper Series for more details.

Criminal Law Text and Cases

This latest (4th) edition of this text by Professor Kate Warner and John Blackwood was published in 2015. This casebook remains the only text dealing exclusively with the criminal law in Tasmania By extracting the most relevant sections of cases with accompanying explanations and analyses it aims to make decisional law accessible, to inspire students to enjoy its intricacies and to give them the confidence to explore beyond it. It is the required text for the Criminal Law core unit and is a guide to recent cases for legal practitioners in Tasmania. The text is available for purchase from the Faculty for $220.

Andrew Inglis Clark

Andrew Inglis Clark by FM Neasy & LJ Neasy is available for purchase from the Faculty (AUD $40 in Australia and $45 overseas).

Andrew Inglis Clark (1848-1907) was a remarkable Tasmanian. A lawyer, Attorney-General, judge and a 'father of federation', he was also a reformist politician and radical thinker. He read and travelled widely, and corresponded with prominent figures of like mind both within and beyond Australia. Clark produced the first draft of the Australian Constitution, in which he melded elements of the British and United States systems of government. Upon his framework our Constitution was made. Yet his considerable contribution to our federal system of government has largely been overlooked.

Clark was perhaps the only founder of federation whose biography remained to be written. This book remedies that lacuna at a most appropriate time, in the centenary year of the federation of Australia.

100 Years: A Centenary History

100 Years a Centenary History of the Faculty of Law at the University of Tasmania by Professor Richard Davis was published in 1993 in celebration of the Law Faculty's 100th Year. From the preface by Sir Guy Green: "The Law School of the University of Tasmania was established in 1893, and in this history Professor Davis has provided us with a thoughtful, well researched and highly readable account of its development over the following century into the outstanding Law School of today." It is available to purchase from the Faculty in either soft back ($35 in Australia or $40 overseas) or hard back ($50 within Australia or $55 overseas).

The Privy Council and the Australian Constitution

This book by Professor John Goldring was published by the Faculty in 1994 and is available to purchase for $40 within Australia and $45 overseas. From the author's preface: "This book was written over a period of 10 years. It struck me that virtually all the decisions made by courts in interpreting the Australian Constitution which I regarded as fundamentally wrong - including the views of Sir Owen Dixon on s 92 - had their roots in the decisions of the Privy Council which showed its lack of understanding of the nature of federalism.

Common Future: Environmental Law and Policy Workshop

This publication (edited by J M Behrens & B M Tsamenyi) consists of the papers and comments presented at an Environmental Law and Policy Workshop organised by the Faculty of Law and held on July 5 and 6 1990 as part of the University of Tasmania's centenary celebrations. The aim of this workshop was to discuss environmental issues of current significance in Australia from legal and policy perspectives. This is a historic early publication in the area of Environmental Law. It is available for purchase from the Faculty for $40 within Australia or $45 overseas.

Faculty Occasional Papers

The Faculty has published a number of occasional papers. Several papers are still available to purchase, while others are now out-of-print. Those papers still available are:

  • Occasional Paper 2: Research Evaluation of Small Claims Courts and Tribunals by E. Eugene Clark
  • Occasional Paper 3: Accidental, Incidental, Fundamental: The Impact of the Charter of Rights on Canada's Legal and Political Culture by Bruce Hamish Ziff
  • Occasional Paper 5: The role of the University Visitor – A symposium edited by Rick Snell
  • Occasional Paper 6: Consent and Mistaken Belief in Consent in Tasmanian Sexual Offences by Terese Henning